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21 Feb 2023

After a brief pause in July and August, the domestic smart meter market was booming again in September and November. All over the country, across the country, the smart meter market has unexpectedly become a prairie fire!

In terms of market, many regions have completed or are about to complete the replacement of smart meters, including Shangqiu in Henan, Huichang in Jiangxi, Jilin, Yunfu in Guangdong, Boai in Henan, Jiangmen in Guangdong, etc.

Shangqiu, Henan

In order to further improve the level of rural power grid, thoroughly solve the problems of weak grid structure, insufficient power supply capacity and low equipment level in rural power grid, and meet the needs of rural economic development, Shangqiu Company vigorously carried out the intelligent construction of rural power grid, and formulated a detailed three-year action plan for rural power grid development. According to the plan, the company will accelerate the intelligent transformation of rural household meters, and strive to achieve 95% coverage of rural network smart meters by the end of 2016, and 100% coverage of rural network smart meters by the end of 2017, so as to realize the "visualization" of distribution transformer operation information and customer power consumption information.

Huichang, Jiangxi

With the delivery of the last batch of more than 10000 smart meters in August, Huichang Company ushered in the final sprint to achieve the goal of "full coverage" of smart meters, and planned to complete the rotation of the remaining 10751 non-smart meters in the county before September 25.


According to the data provided by State Grid Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd., up to now, Jilin Electric Power Company has installed 12.6 million smart meters, achieving 100% coverage of smart meters.

Guangdong Yunfu

From August this year, Yunfu City has comprehensively accelerated the replacement of smart meters. According to the work plan, nearly 460000 smart meters will be replaced by the end of this year. By the end of September, 99000 smart meters have been upgraded. The city's smart meters and low-voltage centralized reading will be fully covered in 2019.

Henan Boai

At the beginning of September, Henan Bo'ai County Power Supply Company organized 9 construction teams to replace meters in 8 villages and 1 community under its jurisdiction, fully promoting the replacement of smart meters and ensuring the smooth completion of the annual target tasks.

Jiangmen, Guangdong

It is reported that it has been nearly 6 months since Jiangmen City started the replacement of low-voltage user smart meters in April 2016. At present, Guangdong Jiangmen Taishan Power Supply Bureau has completed the rotation of 67289 smart meters and plans to replace 160276 smart meters by the end of the year.

In terms of technology related to smart meters, there have been many technological innovations, not only smart meters themselves, but also the entire smart meter system is moving towards intelligence.

Conversion from manual meter reading to intelligent meter reading system

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, smart meters are gradually popularized and applied in rural areas, and the number of electricity users is also gradually increasing. Because of the new technology and new function of the centralized reading system, the time for electric power staff to read meters every month is shortened. This is a great surprise and joy for the power supply station's copying and checking personnel. That is, the workload of meter reading and running is reduced, and the charging time is also saved. Centralized meter reading not only "rescued" the meter reader, but also the equipment. The relaxed meter readers are not really "idle". For those who "hold several positions", they began to think about how to maintain the line, manage the equipment and reduce the line loss.

Smart meters bid farewell to manual verification and enter the era of automatic verification and intelligent storage

In August 2016, Shaanxi Electric Power Company completed the "four lines and one library" automatic verification system. This system is the first real three-phase watt-hour meter and acquisition terminal collinear verification in the national grid system. The system realizes that three-phase watt-hour meter, special transformer acquisition terminal and concentrator share one assembly line, one verification warehouse and one tooling board, and operates automatically with the cooperation of the assembly line and warehouse system. In addition, the system also adds automatic channel detection unit of acquisition terminal to realize automatic unmanned operation. This marks that the verification of smart meters of Shaanxi Electric Power Company will formally enter the era of automatic verification and intelligent storage from the era of manual verification.

The large-scale popularization of smart meters not only reduces the workload of meter reading, saves time and cost, but also improves the quality of electricity service and reliability of power supply, and truly realizes the intelligence of people's daily electricity consumption and information collection. It can be said to be a revolution in power grid construction, which is of great significance.

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